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author Dmitriy Burmistrov

Ultimate natural bodybuilding workout program by Dmitriy Burmistrov for fast muscle gain

This program scheme will provide you with anchor exercises and muscle group combinations for better recovery and efficient training.

Any training program should be adjusted to suit your personal recovery abilities, main factor of which would be nutrition. However, there can still be a scheme which will allow you to grow a well balanced physique, as long as you are not starving 24/7. (works for both men and women)

This program has the following days pattern:
Train - Train - Rest - Train - Rest
So total we will have 3 training days in this cycle and 2 rest days.
Sets, Weights, and Reps

In all exercises we use: 4 total sets out of which

1st set - warm-up with 30-50% of the weight you will be doing next set, up to 15 reps.
2nd set - maximum weight you can do for 10 reps.
3rd set - if you HAVE to lower weight from previous set, in order to not sacrifice good technique for your ego, then you can lower the weight, but if you can - try to do same weight again for 10 reps.
4th final set - lower the weight to about 20-25% of the maximum weight you've done today in this exercise, and do anywhere between 20 and 30 reps. This is pump set to enhance and develop more blood networks and stimulate better recovery.

If you feel fatigued or feel like this is too much stress for your muscle, then skip 3rd set and go straight into final 4th pump set.

Training Split / Day 1

Muscles: Biceps, Triceps, Brachialis, Side deltoid, Front deltoid.

Side and Front deltoids

There are quite a few shoulder exercises, but my favorite (ones that work best for me) are:

Leaning lateral raises - hold on to something and lean the other direction up to 45* with the floor. Do the raises. Why leaning? Simply to get maximum stress at the peak of contraction.

Front raises - there is a trick to make them much more effective than just raising a pulley handle in front of you. The trick is - while you drive the pulley with the elbow, towards the end of the motion rotate your arm with elbow facing up towards center of your body. This way you will fully contract your front deltoid, rather than just partially, like everyone else when they do front raises.

Preacher curl - elbows close together to work more on the inner head of the two muscle heads.


Standing barbell curls - a bit wider grip than shoulder width.


Pulley/dumbbell behind back bicep curls.


Two arm cable curls.

Palms down ez bar curls

There are many good exercises for triceps, and if you feel like some work better for you than the ones listed here - go ahead and do them until they stop working for you, and then perhaps come back to this program and try these ones out.

Dips - ultimate triceps exercise

Ez curl cable reverse grip triceps extensions (palms up)- here's a technique which will make this exercise very effective: stand about 1-2 meters from the cable station holding the ez bar handle, bend over and bring your arms infront of you to make your forearm part be on the same line with the cable. This way when you fully extend your arms - you will have the maximum stress on the muscle at its peak contraction (90* extended arm to cable angle)

Triceps cable extensions down, palms down - simply enough, just stand comfortable distance from pulley station with a straight bar with hands in front of you and push the bar down without moving elbows position not even in the slightest.

Training Split / Day 2

Muscles: Back, Traps, Rear deltoids

Rear deltoids

Rear deltoid rows


Rear deltoid crossover 


Wide grip pull-ups - try to stay in as much as possible with elbows by your sides and not in front, so that Teres major gets targeted as much as possible


Wide grip pull-downs


Underhand grip lat pull downs - grip slightly narrower than your shoulder width.


Seated one-handed lat rows


Seated rows - don't use your arms in a slightest to help you to row. Imagine that this exercise is a back/shoulder-blade shrug. So fix your back position and shrug your shoulders back and forth

Alternate it with

Standing row shrugs - stand and shrug it into the center of your traps/back.


Standing barbell/dumbbell/cable shrugs - grip behind your back if you need more work on the middle portion of traps, or grip in front of you, if you wish to exercise more upper portion of traps.

Lower back

(if you don't have any spine related injuries)
Lower back extensions - if done properly, this will give you the christmas tree on your back. Make sure to exercise the right portion of your back, the one that is directly opposite to your abs, so bend exactly in that region, just as if you were doing abs crunches, but this time it's for back.

Training Split / Day 3

Muscles: Chest, Legs, Abs(abdominal)


Flys machine - do it in middle chest position


Upper chest cable flys


Lower chest cable flys

Legs (should be done only every other cycle, because they do not recover fast enough to do them every 5 days like other muscles are structured in this program)

Leg press


Quads extensions


Leg bicep extensions


Calves raises - either by standing on one foot holding a dumbbell, or on a calve raising machine.

Abs (abdominal)

Hanging leg raises - this needs to be done correctly in order to hit abs and not other muscles like hip flexors. So make sure to lift your butt up, making your abs crunch, and not just raise legs.

This program is for natural bodybuilders / fitness athletes. Pharmacology users may also benefit from this program, but muscle stress loads and recovery times will have to be severely adjusted

Results and speed of muscle gain or fat burning, or both, from this program can be adjusted through the surplus or deficit of nutrients in a body. This is also a great maintenance program if you keep the weights the same in all exercises and keep the diet on one level.

Any questions/comments regarding this program can be left in the comment section below

Good luck, and have much gains :)